My name is Jonas Liifv and I'm a Digital Nomad traveling the world full time. I'm currently in Asia and while I'm here I capture my experiences in both text and photo. My stories and photos are up for sale. I'm focusing on destinations off the beaten track, as well as budget traveling. When you open up the travel section of a news paper or magazine the content is almost always from places that have been written about hundreds of times before, or hotels you can't afford. I write for the people that want to do something new and different when they travel.

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The company website is now online

Welcome to Drifter Media and to this new site. Drifter Media is a one man company founded by me, Jonas Liifv. Feels great to finally have been able to launch this site, it feels like everything is a bit more real now. It’s only 17 more days until I leave…

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